>implied pony >rape
Anon, you must be raped alot, right? Then how come nopony got pregant? Remember, land filled with magical, flying, colorful horses who want to have sex with you. Anything is possible.

Termination is magic.

>Wake up cuddling against anon
>Look at him with wide eyes and ask ‘hugies’?
>Anon hugs me, it’s warm.
>He gets up and makes breakfast
>Do your usual thing of choking on breakfast at least once (Too tired to do it twice)
>Feel bad for scaring Anon like that
>Anon puts you in your pen and tells you he’ll be back after work
>Once you hear the door lock, you take off your dorky glasses, put on a cape, and assume your secret identity as SUPER FLUFFY!
>Fly out of the house
>Fight crime
>What’s this? Your old nemesis Dr. Fluttershy is attempting to rape Anon! You must save him!
>Confront Dr. Fluttershy, Anon still does not recognize.
>Dr. Fluttershy reveals her knowledge of your weakness and holds up A BUCKET OF WATER
>You gasp! It’s getting hard to breath! Must do something!
>You find the strength to knock the bucket of water off the side of the building and buck Dr. Fluttershy unconscious for the police to take her away.
>Anon thanks you
>”Aww in a days work citizen!”
>Fly home and get back in your pen just in time for anon to come up and hug you
>”Fluffy pony, you wouldn’t believe the day I just had!”
>Just stare at him blankly through your play glasses and ask “Pway?”

>Live in ponyville
>go to the local library to pick up a recipe book
>Puprle mare running it starts following me around offering me books about clouds and flowers
>about to check out
>she insists I take 3 other books
>she already signed out the books for me
>came for 1 book
>leave with 4 books.

>I go to sleep from dealing with Twilight.
>I wake up, but I cant move.
>Im tied down to my fucking bed
>Then Twilight walks in.
>”Oh good, you’re awake! I hope everything isnt too tight.
>”What the hell are you doing?”
>”Learning what sex is! Duh! Ive done a little research and I found out what a penis is. In order to have sex I need to stimulate it.”
>”Why did you tie me up?”
>”So, you cant say no, of course”
>She takes off my pants with my boxers and they pool around my ankles.
>”Stimulate? How am I supposed to do that?” she says
>She starts poking my dick with her hoof. It doesnt hurt but it feels unfomfortable.
>”Stop it and let me go!” I say
>I need to stimulate you first! My books never told me how to do such a thing. Maybe im not poking hard enough.”
>She starts to poke harder. Now its starting to hurt.
>With enough strength I get my arms free. She jumps back in suprise.
>I undo my legs, get my pants back up, and carry twilight and a few books outside and slam the door in her face.
> I hear her say “Ok! Maybe tomorrow? Did the poking do anything?”
>”Go home!!” I yell.
>I hear her walk away. “Fuck!”

>Twilight invites me to come over to help her study
>I’ve got nothing going on so why not?
>I knock on the door and I hear her say come in
>I open the door and I see twilight with a bunch of cucumbers. I guess theyre supposed to be sex toys
>”Twilight, what is all this?”
>Im studying the effects of reproduction.” She says.
>”Why, and what do you need me for?”
>”Thats just it. I dont think I know what to do. Something involving a penis?” she answers
>”Listen twi, im grateful for you inviting me over but I dont think I can do this.”
>I try to walk out and she yells “Wait! We can do it the style of the dogs! I just need to know what to do first!”
>I just walk back home without saying a thing.

Taco bell

>Fluttershy shows up at the door
>She has a bag of Taco Bell
>I look in the bag
>I see a taco supreme
>I see a beefy crunch burrito
>I see a Mexican pizza
>She brought mild sauce but no hot sauce
>how the hell did she forget the hot sauce?
>I can’t eat this shit without hot sauce
>I ask her to go back to taco bell and bring me some hot sauce
>she explains that she doesn’t want to drive across town again because her 1996 Corolla is already overdue for an oil change
>she also reminds me I have hot sauce in the fridge
>I explain the hot sauce in my fridge isn’t taco bell hot sauce so putting it on taco bell would be against the terms of service
>She says she wouldn’t want me to get in trouble for that and agrees to go get my hot sauce
>She eventually comes back with the hot sauce 
>I start eating the Mexican pizza
>they were stingy as hell with the pizza sauce on top
>a lot of people don’t even realize the red sauce on top is pizza sauce
>they’re always fucking stingy with it
>I call the 800 number in the receipt
>I explain that I am in satisfied with my Mexican pizza
>they say the restaurant will replace it for free
>I send Fluttershy back to Taco Bell to gt my new Mexican pizza
>I eat the taco supreme while waiting for her to get back.
>she finally gets back with my new Mexican pizza (extra sauce!)
>I take it and thank her
>she asks if I have any fetishes
>I laugh and say nope, and eat my Mexican pizza
>She steps on my playstation controller
>she apologizes and I explain she owes me $50
>She gives me a seductive look and asks if there’s any other way she can pay me
>no, I’d rather have the cash
>she leaves to go to the bank but she decides to also get an oil change while she’s out

>Walk into sugarcube corner
>Buy a cookie
>Pinkie blocks you
>”Hey Anon, you know what would be fun? If we had sex!”
>Explain to her that you aren’t attracted to ponies
>”Oh, thats okay. I’m done anyways.”
>She jumps off happy.
>You look down, see your pants are soaked in juices
>You think you were just raped, but you don’t know how

>your neighbor Bonbon introduces you to her friend Lyra
>you hit it off pretty well - she seems pretty interested in hearing about human society and the way things were back where you came from, and you oblige, telling her and Bonbon stories about your childhood and life in your hometown
>you occasionally catch her staring at your hands whenever you’re doing something like picking stuff up or using the clicker to change the channel on the TV, but you think nothing of it
>Soon Bonbon has to go home, and she pointedly tells Lyra that she should probably think about doing the same
>she laughs, and says she’ll be going soon, but can she use your bathroom first, Anon?
>you point her down the hall and she shuts the door behind her
>15 minutes later, she still hasn’t come out, and you’re starting to get a little concerned
>go to check on her, and start hearing strange noises behind the door
>knock gently
>”Everything okay in there?”
>the door isn’t closed very tightly and it swings slowly open
>Lyra is going through your laundry hamper
>she has a pair of your jeans pressed to her face, her nose where the crotch would be and her face is blushing deeply in what can only be arousal
>you’re not sure what to do and stand there in shocked silence for several minutes as one hoof wanders south…
>she opens her eyes and realizes you’re watching her
>and that’s when things start getting weird

Tsarroman presents: Fetishshy

> knock at door
> time for everybody’s favorite part of the day!
> fluttershy’s fetish of the day!
> open door
> shock!
> it’s twilight
Oh, hey twilight, wasn’t expecting to see you here
> “yea hey anon, mind if I come in for a second”
sure, come in
> “fluttershy’s been asking me a lot about human sexuality”
really now?
> “yes, and I’ve been happy to give her information, it’s great to see her learning”
> roll my eyes
knowledge is power
> “well anyway, she says that one thing in particular interests her, and you”
this can’t be good
> “according to my book, human males are attracted at the idea of two females mating”
well….yea I suppose most of us are
> “she asked me to come over here, so we can confirm the validity of the statement”
> uh-oh
well, I assure you that it’s true
> “I only like observable fact, now if you will just sit here”
> magically levitated to my couch
> fluttershy enters house
ok now twilight, no need to do something like this
> “nonsense, it’s for research”
> fluttershy begin with steamy make-out session
> complete with out of mouth tongue play
> then fluttershy lies on the floor, belly up
> twilight mounts her
> grinds flank and haunches against fluttershy’s
ok girls that’s enough
> two are going at it like machines
> ignore
> ignore
> stop everything
you’ve made your point
> motion toward crotch
> stuffed sock in pants to simulate boner bulge
> twilight buys it
> “see fluttershy, men do like mare on mare”
> twilight leaves
> fluttershy stares at sock-bulge with, not hungry eyes, but starving eyes
> pull sock out from pants
> epic disappointment
> defeated, fluttershy walks out the door

Tsarroman presents: Vorashy

(warning, more gruesome due to voraphilic and goraphilic content)
> woken up by nightmare
> what a god awful dream
> dreamt I was woken up by fluttershy
> she had a potion made to turn her into a dragon
> I don’t know what fetish she was going for there
> She ate me

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